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Test Results Prove it: 8 out of 10 golfers needed fewer strokes with the Pyramid Putter than with their own!

Save 7-9 Shots Per Round And Immediately Lower Your Score!

"The moment I got the Pyramid I started making everything!" – Dan Boyle, Amateur Golfer

$99 Pyramid Putter

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Patented Technology & Unique Design makes the Pyramid Putter Absolutely Lethal

  • Triple milled precision scoring lines ensures every putt rolls smoothly and on target, even if your stroke is off. 

  • Patented limited dispersion groove technology imparts a small but significant amount of correction on off-center strikes. 

  • Visual alignment guide helps place your eyes directly over the ball and match the ball precisely with the sweet spot, enhancing your accuracy and distance control. 

  • No-taper grip promotes consistent hand pressure and smooth stroke


Triple-Milled for Can’t-Miss Consistency

The Pyramid Putter features three sets of precision-milled scoring lines to ensure putts roll smoothly and on-target – even if your stroke is off.

Sweet Spot Milling = No Skidding or Bouncing

When you strike the center of the Pyramid Putter, the horizontal grooves give the ball topspin – so there’s no skidding or bouncing as it tracks the hole. The consistent roll means you’ll come up short far less often, and your long-range speed control will improve, too.

Toe Milling = No More Pushed Putts...

Strike the toe of a standard putter and you’ll usually push the ball. But the angled toe milling on the Pyramid Putter gets the ball tracking on your intended line.


Heel Milling = No More Pulled Putts...

Striking the heel of a conventional putter typically causes – you got it – a deflating pull. Not so with the Pyramid Putter thanks to the angled scoring lines on the heel portion.

There are other elements that add to the Pyramid Putter’s playability and appeal. It’s available in both blade and mallet designs, with your choice of three shaft lengths and in right- and left-handed versions.

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The Pyramid Putter is Guaranteed to Outperform Your Current Putter, or Your Money Back

You get 30 days to test the Pyramid for yourself.


If it doesn’t measurably improve your putting by the end of that period, send it back for a full product refund. No questions asked.


To be 100% sure of your decision, track your putting percentages against your stats with your current putter.

I’m confident the Pyramid will come out on top.

  • Make more putts from short, medium and long range…

  • Cut your 3-putts down to almost nothing…

  • Hole clutch putts with unshakeable confidence…

  • End your frustration on the greens, forever, and…

  • Slash strokes from your score the first time you use it – and in every round after…

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Get the Pyramid Putter Today and Immediately Lower Your Score

100% Money Back Guarantee

10 test golfers with an average handicap of 15.8 got three attempts from 10 feet, three from 20 feet and three from 30. They had to putt everything out, and all strokes were counted. They used their own putters for one set of putts, the Pyramid for another. 

The Pyramid Putter proved more effective from every distance. This battle was no contest.

8 out of 10 golfers needed fewer strokes with the Pyramid Putter than with their own!

Resulting in an average savings of 7-9 Shots Per Round! 

Golfers averaged 1.88 putts with the Pyramid compared to  2.14 strokes per hole with their own putter

The Pyramid Putter's strong stats prove its effectiveness, with consistent success that improves performance. Save 7-9 shots per round for immediate confidence and affordability, making it a top choice for better putting.


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Lower Your Handicap Like These Customers

1500+ Reviews!

“The way the ball rolls off the Pyramid Putter... it feels great. You can tell the difference... it just rolls perfect. I have never felt this comfortable with a putter using it the first time.”

Gabe Perez, 23 handicap

"When I putt with my Pyramid Putter I can feel confident in two things. First that I am aligned properly on my chosen line. And just as important, I know the ball will roll consistently on that line."

Charlie Santalauria, Director, Golf Channel AMTour

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Up your Putting Game Today

The Pyramid Putter is a revolutionary golf club that promises to improve your putting performance significantly.


Advanced Groove Technology: The Pyramid Putter features patented groove technology that corrects mis-hits, ensuring your putts stay on target. These grooves, inspired by the "gear effect" found in drivers and fairway woods, help straighten out off-center strikes, minimizing errors in your putting.


Proven Results: Extensive testing with amateur golfers has shown that the Pyramid Putter can save you several strokes on the green. Golfers of various skill levels have reported immediate and significant improvements in their putting accuracy and consistency.

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Three Additional Features that will Make Pyramid Putter 

your "Money Maker"

1. Visual Alignment Guides place your eyes directly over the ball – a big key to stroking putts on line

Get your eyes directly on top of the ball, though, and you greatly increase your chances of holing out. As you can see in this graphic, that’s exactly what the Pyramid helps you do.


A. Eyes inside target line, miss to the right.
B. Perfect Putting Position – Eyes Over the Ball.
C. Eyes outside target line, resulting in a miss to the left.


2. Visual alignment grooves help you match the ball precisely with the sweet spot, enhancing your accuracy and distance control


Notice the series of grooves, aligned to form a pyramid, on the putter’s top line. With your eyes over the ball, you can easily tell if it’s directly aligned with the sweet spot


3. No-taper grip promotes consistent hand pressure and smooth stroke


And the larger-than-standard grip limits hand and wrist movement, so you’ll naturally engage the arms and shoulders for a consistent, “pendulum-style” stroke – just like the pros.


Make One-Putting Your Every Day