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Elevate Your Game with Pyramid Putters

  • Experience unmatched consistency

  • Play with precision

  • Transform your handicap

80% of Golfers demonstrated superior performance with the Pyramid Putter


Rated 4.9 Stars by our Customers

  • Patented Gear Effect Grooves

  • Horizontal Sweet Spot Grooves

  • Eye-line Milling

  • Target Alignment Milling

  • Uniform Grip Technology with Proprietary Silicone Texture


Proven to Lower Strokes for Thousands of Golfers

Satisfaction Guaranteed–The Pyramid Putter is guaranteed to outperform your current putter, or your money back.


1500+ 5-Star Reviews


$99 Pyramid Putter

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$329.00 USD

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$99.00 USD

& Free Shipping in the USA

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Knock Strokes Off Your Scores

100% Money Back Guarantee

8 out of 10 golfers needed fewer strokes with the Pyramid Putter than with their own!

Resulting in an average savings of 7-9 Shots Per Round! 

Golfers averaged 1.88 putts with the Pyramid compared to  2.14 strokes per hole with their own putter

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The Pyramid Putter Advantage

The Pyramid Putter features three sets of precision-milled scoring lines to ensure putts roll smoothly and on-target – even if your stroke is off.

Sweet Spot Milling

Promotes forward roll and reduces skidding

Toe Milling

No More Pushed Putts

Heel Milling

No More Pulled Putts

Transform Your Handicap Like These Customers

1500+ Reviews!

"I've never had such precision on the greens!"

John D.

"Putting with Pyramid is a game-changer!"

Sarah M.


Up your Putting Game Today

Three Additional Features Make the Pyramid Putter Absolutely Lethal

Advanced Groove Technology: The Pyramid Putter features patented groove technology that corrects mis-hits, ensuring your putts stay on target. 


Proven Results: Golfers of various skill levels have reported immediate and significant improvements in their putting accuracy and consistency.


Three Additional Features Make the Pyramid Putter Absolutely Lethal

Visual Alignment Guides place your eyes directly over the ball – a big key to stroking putts on line

Visual alignment grooves help you match the ball precisely with the sweet spot, enhancing your accuracy and distance control

No-taper grip promotes consistent hand pressure and smooth stroke 

The Pyramid Putter is Guaranteed to Outperform Your Current Putter, or Your Money Back

You get 30 days to test the Pyramid for yourself.


If it doesn’t measurably improve your putting by the end of that period, send it back for a full product refund. No questions asked.


To be 100% sure of your decision, track your putting percentages against your stats with your current putter.

I’m confident the Pyramid will come out on top.

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  • Cut your 3-putts down to almost nothing…

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