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Your Ultimate

Short Game Weapon

Introducing the P3 Pharaoh Scoring Wedge-Up to $287 OFF 100% of customers report instant improvement 

  • Enhanced Short Game Performance

  • Efficiency in Action

  • Satisfaction Guaranteed


P3 Pharaoh Wedge

$129.00 USD
$179.00 USD

P3 Pharaoh Wedge – Specifications

Lofts – 45°, 50°, 55° (similar to a pitching wedge)

Lie angle – 65.5° (slightly more upright than a wedge)

Length – 35.5” (similar to a standard putter)

Grip – Pyramid Velvet Style (standard size)

Shaft – Steel (wedge flex)

Clubhead – Cast carbon steel with black PVD coating


Improved Short Game Performance

Enhance your short game with a pyramid clubface and chunk-proof sole for consistent, accurate chipping and pitching


Excel in various short game situations, from precise chips to hop-and-stop pitch shots, bump-and-runs, and full shots up to 70 yards

Improved Forgiveness and Control

Increased your backspin and a self-squaring sole to prevent fat shots, distributes weight for a controlled swing, for a consistent  short game

It seems like only last weekend you were chunking the most basic chips…


Until you did swapped one club for another.


A club that fixes your flawed chipping technique all by itself.

30-day Satisfaction Guaranteed

30-day Satisfaction Guaranteed

The New Pyramid P3 Pharaoh Scoring Wedge

The ultimate utility wedge for conquering every short game shot.

First, let’s look at what makes the P3 Wedge so deadly on those vexing greenside shots – and how it will make your short game the envy of your foursome. 

A pyramid-shaped clubface that boosts backspin and provides maximum forgiveness where you need it most.

  • Low-profile face is taller in the middle than on the toe, to catch the ball higher on the club

  • Provides extra height and spin from rough or sand

  • Suitable for use in bunkers

  • Concentrates more mass near the club's vertical center

  • Enhances accuracy on shorter swings

A chunk-proof, self-squaring sole that prevents fat shots while delivering deadly accuracy.

  • Wider the base of the club, the more easily it slides across the turf and resists digging

  • Slightly raised rails from heel to toe to help clubhead cruise through tall grass

  • Rails square the clubface when it meets the turf

The Pharoah Wedge Difference

Precision chipping from just off the green

 Hop-and-stop pitch shots from any kind of lie

The ever-handy “bump-and-run”

 Full shots of up to 70 yards

 You’ll even use the P3 Wedge out of the sand

Outdoor Performance + Classic Style

An all-purpose short game weapon that does the job of multiple clubs – like a Swiss Army Knife for your short game.


Make the Wedge Pyramid Putter Your Secret Weapon

Pyramid-Shaped Clubface

The wedge boasts a distinctive pyramid-shaped clubface, enhancing backspin and forgiveness, especially on shorter swings.

Chunk-Proof Sole

Its chunk-proof sole, equipped with raised rails, prevents fat shots and ensures accuracy from various lies, including rough and sand.

Upright Lie Angle

The wedge's upright lie angle and shorter shaft provide better control over the clubhead, resulting in exceptional accuracy.


This wedge serves as an all-purpose short game weapon, suitable for precision chipping, hop-and-stop pitch shots, bump-and-runs, and even full shots up to 70 yards.

An upright lie and shorter shaft that put you more on top of the ball

“Goldilocks” loft of 45° – not too high, not too low

A head that’s about 20% heavier than standard, which limits your hand and wrist action while engaging your arms and shoulders 

A super-low center of gravity to increase backspin

Grooves across the entire clubface 

A unique alignment guide to help you set up dead-square 

It looks different, doesn’t it? Trust me – it is different.

No ifs, ands or buts. This new wedge absolutely, positively had to be:


  • Extremely easy to hit for golfers of any skill level
  • Far more forgiving than a traditional iron or wedge, and…
  • Versatile enough to handle most any shot within 70 yards of the green.


Buy the P3 Pharaoh Wedge today and you get a full 30 days to try it out.

30-day money-back guarantee for improved short game.
No questions asked.

Hit the Pharaoh Wedge as much as you want.
Track your performance and see the difference.

Gain confidence and efficiency in your short game.
Impress your buddies with your skills.

Order the P3 Pharaoh Scoring Wedge and make it a reality.


No Wasted Motion Equals No Wasted Strokes